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Important Dates:
27.03.2014 Summit of the Forum for 21st Century
20.03.2014 Final Negotiations in Sections
31.12.2013 Third Positions
03.12.2013 Third Drafts Issued
19.11.2013 Second Positions
12.11.2013 Second Draft Issued
29.10.2013 First Positions of Delegations Issued
22.10.2013 First Draft Issued

New annual edition of the Model Conference has been launched. For the 7-th time the Forum for 21-st Century called the global community to attend negotiations on the most recent challenges the world is facing.

This academic year 2013/2014 Model Conference`s novelty is the division of students into two simultaneously ongoing negotiations on same topics. We expect two different and creative approaches to the solution of the Syrian security crisis and two proposals for the future of the Arctic Region. The course continues covering two academic semesters in order to enable the students to focus more deeply on the soft skills of a negotiator. We also enhanced the contact with the practice and team management of the whole project. The team work is ensured by coordination of students within negotiating sections but they also communicate within delagations.

Our Model Conference was attended by students of partner faculties covering the translation and interpretation services, graphic desing of the project and the video coverage. Young interpreters from the Faculty of Philosophy (Comenius University in Bratislava), young designer from the Faculty of MassMedia (Paneuropean University in Bratislava) and students of the Film and Television Faculty (Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava) networked with diplomats-to-be from the organizing Faculty of International Relations (University of Economics in Bratislava) and young coorganizers from a renewed Slovak NGO Euro-Atlantic Center.

The Model Conference has been successfully implemented for 6 years already. This year´s edition of the model conference is supported by the endowment fund of Slovenská sporiteľňa in the Pontis Foundation and by our kind partners from private sector: Slovenská sporiteľňa, Pontis Foundation, Grafton Recruitment Slovakia, QUINTILES, Neue Pressburger Zeitung, Faculty of Applied Languages, University of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University, Papac Photography and Soupa Bistro.


    The media coverage of the Model Conference and full visibility of partners was guaranteed by the presence of mass-media and broad media coverage of the whole course of the project:

    The latest Final Summit of the Forum for 21st Century took place place in the Assembly Hall of the University of Economics in Bratislava on 22nd March 2013. Have a look at the Program of the Final Summit of the Model Conference.

    Following video is a brief summary of the Conference 2011:

    The primary aim of the Model Conference (realized within the course entitled Diplomatic Practice) was to provide the 2nd year students of Master studies with an opportunity to expand their theoretical knowledge and to adopt practical experience in the field of negotiations, bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, diplomatic protocol and application of foreign languages.

    The 7th year of The Model Conference organized by the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Bratislava in close cooperation with the consortium of co-organizers led by the Euro-Atlantic Center follows the previous year pattern, which was proved to be successful as far as the feedback of students, partners and involved professionals is concerned.

    The simulated international NGO entitled Forum for 21st Century will once again constitute the summit platform. Such model-based conference creates a rare opportunity for practical training of students of international relations and diplomatic service in the Slovak Republic. The organizers expect the main output to be the out-of-the-box ideas and visions of the young generation of future opinion leaders and representatives of the governmental, business and non-governmental sector on the most scalding issues in the security and economic fields of future international relations' alignment. Additional value-added will be provided by the expert feedback of the respective representatives of international organizations and diplomatic missions accredited in the Slovak Republic seeking answers for the most scalding issues and trying to create concrete standpoints of their upcoming development in the above mentioned fields. Focus will be put on a re-creation of the effective bilateral and multilateral negotiations between the most important global actors in respected issues.

    Final conference day with the presentation of the outcomes will take place on 27 March 2014 in the Assembly Hall of the University of Economics in Bratislava. The intention of the organizers is to provide students with high value-added outcome-presentation of the conference findings together with personal engagement of the invited representatives of international organizations, diplomatic missions to the Slovak Republic as well as academicians, business corporations and journalists. Their role will be to enrich the event with relevant feedback on the conference findings in each section and to evaluate students' visions and ideas about the upcoming set-up of the rapidly changing international relations and global politics in each of the four sections.

    In order to simulate the real diplomatic negotiation process to high standard, students of other faculties (interpreters, journalists, media people etc.) will again participate at the event and provide simultaneous interpretation to various languages, as well as complete media coverage. A press conference will be held after the final negotiations.