"The fact that the Arctic, more than any other populated region of the world, requires the collaboration of so many disciplines and points of view to be understood at all, is a benefit rather than a burden."
Bruce Jackson


The October 2013 annual convention of the board of economic issues of the Forum for 21st Century has decided to focus on the development in the Arctic. This region has caused increased interest of the international community interrelating with abundance of natural resources, technological progress helping overcome the unfavourable natural conditions, and global climate change which will enable larger economic and transport utilization. Global threats such as environmental pollution, sea level rising, and endangering of flora and fauna, attract attention of increasing number of states, negotiating the territorial dividing of the North Polar Region. The Arctic area has the potential to become the centre of the developed world in few decades to come.

Forum for 21st Century regards this geopolitical issue of major significance, and therefore appeals the member states of the Arctic Council and permanent observers to join the negotiations concerning the utilization of the region. The negotiating parties are Canada, United States, Russia, Norway, and European Union (representing Denmark) which are states with dominant influence in the administration of the territory, and China with the observer status. Their united efforts are going to resolve peace and security in the Arctic area.

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