More than two years ago, an armed struggle for more freedom in society has grown into full-scale war. The war that has changed lives of more than 22 million human beings in Syria. For more than two years now, the global community was not able to take a common stand to solve the situation and help to cease human suffering. In August 2013, chemical weapons were used against civilian population. The Syrian crisis has divided both the country and communis opinio in the whole world.

In good faith to put an end to the humanitarian crisis and fighting in Syria, delegates from Brazil, China, European Union, League of Arab States, Russia and the United States gathered together within the Forum for the 21st Century to find an adequate solution in compliance with international law.

The Forum for the 21st Century identifies the acute need to find a common ground in order to stop the violence and put an end to the ongoing conflict. The individual countries kindly approve to accept such a heavy burden of responsibility, show good will to avoid the mutual confrontation and concentrate all above on the interest of the Syrian people while doing so.

We all believe that this initiative will soon bring a fruitful results and will lead to general and forceful agreement on the adequate solution to the Syrian crisis.

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