"Less pollution is the best solution."

Green Solutions

Healthy environment is the main target of The Forum for 21st century. The concern of the environmental section is the approach of the countries to this problem, therefore we will endeavour the parties - the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, European Union and United States to agree on specific goals and to commit themselves to reduce significantly emissions and increase the use of green energy.

The key goal of the Environmental section is to adopt an international agreement which would be a successor of Kyoto Protocol with the main target of reducing significantly the greenhouse gas emissions and to increase the usage of renewable energy. We want to enhance greater regional collaboration and financial support to developing countries in order to have a greater use of the green energies.

For our proposes, we will create a Green Act Fund which will be led by a Board that will have a full responsibility for funding decisions. The Green Act Fund will be governed and supervised by a Committee. The new agreement will also include a mechanism of sanctions for non-compliance with the objectives the sanctions will pass as a contribution to the fund.

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