"Prosperity requires stability"

International Assistance to Afghanistan

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan is due to come to an end in 2014. Fears have been raised, however, that after the international military forces fully leave, and Afghanistan might become destabilized again.
It is, therefore of great importance that the International Assistance to Afghanistan is of the right nature and is correctly managed. The purpose of the international assistance to Afghanistan is to transform Afghanistan into a stable country.

It is to this purpose that the Forum for the 21st Century is gathering the representatives of significant international players: the Association of South-East Asian Nations, the European Union and the United States of America.
The Forum for the 21st Century’s Global Security Issues Section is gathering these representatives to negotiate the best-coordinated way that the international assistance to Afghanistan should be managed.

Since the question of Afghanistan’s stability is a complex one with many separate issues that need to be addressed in a separate manner the Forum has set up 4 main aspects within which the separate issues are to be addressed:
They are the following:

  • Internal Security which makes economic, political and civilian development possible
  • Education of the Afghan Population
  • Civilian Stability which includes fair elections, tolerance and equal rights of all minorities including that of women
  • Economic Development and Prosperity which strengthens all the other aforementioned aspects
The issues concerning Afghanistan’s stability vary from the preparedness of the Afghan National Army, through proper education and job opportunities of Afghans to transparency and equal rights of all ethnicities.

Since the international community wants to take into consideration all the specific particularities of Afghanistan, the Forum has decided to include representatives from Afghanistan in the Global Security Issues Section.

All the representatives will be conveying and will on regular basis create draft proposals for the final negotiations. The drafts and the statements to them will have specific proposals on the nature of and the manner of executing the international assistance to Afghanistan.

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