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Here are archived documents prepared for negotiations and positions of participating states, organizations and corporate firms.

Final Communiqué

Following is the Communiqué adopted by the Respected Representatives of State and Private Corporations at the end of the session for the purpose of the conference on Global Cybersecurity issues held by the Forum for 21st Century on 29 November 2011 in Bratislava: We, the member States and other Representatives of the Security Section of the Forum for 21st Century, have come to a mutual agreement on following Cybersecurity issues:...  Read more

Final Draft

We, the member States and other Representatives of the Security Section of the Forum for 21st Century, considering that the aim of our meeting is to achieve a greater unity between its members, recognizing the value of fostering cooperation with other States parties and Representatives, convinced of the need to pursue a common criminal policy aimed at the protection of society against Cyber Crime, considering the 2001 Budapest Convention on Cyber Crime, the 2011 Critical Terminology Foundations, the 2011 Working toward Rules for Governing Cyber Conflict: Rendering the Geneva and Hague Conventions in Cyberspace and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights...  Read more

Draft 2

Forum for 21st century is convinced that only bodies empowered by the government should have the right, under certain circumstances known to the subjected entity, to use and gain access to data of personal character for the public security. Without the approval of subjected entity any other subject should be restricted from the usage of personal information for their own interests. Forum for 21st Century proposes hard sanctions for malevolent misuse of personal data for politic and economic reasons not only by the government but by non-state actors and corporations as well. This includes wiretapping, blackmail, illegally collecting data and using them for own benefit (social networks, search engines, marketing research and others). Otherwise there will be more cases as was that of the famous misuse of wiretapping by the News Corp. in Great Britain as well as in other parts of the world...  Read more

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Draft 1

Transmission of information, which became the essential tool for all human activities, revealed not only its positive effects on society but on the other hand numerous negative side-effects as well. Massive expansion in technological development and increasing global interdependence reflected in multiple cultural, economic and political happenings starting with the most perceptible one, which is communication. Modern global society became so dependent on communication systems that without any protection other security strategies might lose their purpose...  Read more

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